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32 Best High School Korean Drama You Are Going To Love

High School Korean Drama. Korean dramas about High School are in great demand by the audience. Although the theme is school, the genres offered for Korean dramas about school are quite varied, ranging from romance, thriller, comedy, mystery, fantasy, and many more.

Drama about this High School usually tells of high school students who are looking for identity. The stories are quite diverse, ranging from bullying, stories of rich high school kids, high school students who want to be beautiful, to murder cases.

There is a wide selection of Korean dramas about school that you can watch. High school romantic drama genre is usually more popular in some countries. In addition to a light story, Korean dramas about school also feature actors and actresses with interesting acting skills, and are seasoned with entertaining comedy.

We have listed Best Korean dramas that are set in High School. Find out which ones you may not have looked at yet to add to you.

You can watch these Top High School Korean dramas on streaming sites like Youtube, Netflix, VIU, WeTV, and others.

Here’s a list of 32 Best High School Korean dramas with high ratings.

  • Boys Over Flowers (2009)
  • The Heirs (2013)
  • True Beauty (2020)
  • Extraordinary You (2019)
  • Love Alarm (2019)
  • Reply 1988 (2015)
  • Playful Kiss (2010)
  • Dream High (2011)
  • Who Are You: School 2015 (2015)
  • Reply 1997 (2012)
  • To the Beautiful You (2012)
  • Extracurricular (2020)
  • School 2017 (2017)
  • Twenty Five Twenty One (2022)
  • Sassy Go Go (2015)
  • 18 Again (2020)
  • Goong (2006)
  • School 2013 (2012)
  • All of Us Are Dead (2022)
  • SKY Castle (2018)
  • Our Beloved Summer (2021)
  • The King of Pigs (2022)
  • Class of Lies (2019)
  • Racket Boys (2021)
  • Shadow Beauty (2021)
  • The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim (2021)
  • Color Rush (2020)
  • Love Revolution (2020)
  • Orange Marmalade (2015)
  • A-Teen 2 (2019)
  • Best Mistake (2019)
  • Hi! School – Love On (2014)

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 25
Aired: Jan 5, 2009 – Mar 31, 2009
Cast: Gu Hye Seon, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong

Boys Over Flowers (or Boys Before Flowers) is a 25 episode long Korean Drama series. The show is based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango and is about a girl named Geum Jan Di who earns a scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious schools, Shinhwa High School, after saving the life of one of its students. Once in school, she learns about a group of notorious boys hailing from wealthy families, together known as F4.

This group is known to rag and bully students at Shinwa. After a minor altercation with the group leader Gu Joon Pyo, Jan Di becomes his new target for being bullied. Despite being ruthlessly ragged by fellow students, Geum Jan Di refuses to bow down to Gu Joon Pyo. Her resilience moves Gu Joon Pyo and he feels attracted towards her. However, Jan Di finds herself falling for the quiet and reserved F4 member Yoon Ji Hoo. Ji Hoo is in love with his childhood friend Min Seo Hyun but develops a soft spot for Jan Di. In a turn of events, Ji Hoo leaves the country for Seo Hyun only to realize that he actually loves Jan Di. On his return, he finds out that Gu Joon Pyo and Jan Di are now dating. Ji Hoo and Joon Pyo both love Jandi but who does Jan Di love?

The Heirs (2013)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Aired: Oct 9, 2013 – Dec 12, 2013
Cast: Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin

Another school Korean drama recommendation is THE HEIRS. You are certainly familiar with the drama titled THE HEIRS , played by Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye, Kim Woo-Bin, Kang Min-Hyuk and others. This drama was very popular in its era which was released in 2013.

Synopsis THE HEIRS revolves around the lives of students at an elite school. But the main focus is on the characters Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan who have opposite lives. Cha Eun Sang is a student from a simple family but can attend an elite school because he relies on scholarships. He then meets Kim Tan, who is the son of his mother’s employer.

The beginning of the meeting of the two started from an unexpected event. But instead it brought the two of them in a romance that was so romantic. Unfortunately their love journey is not as smooth as imagined. Not only facing friends who are jealous of his life, but also Cha Eun Sang is also faced with the difference in his status with Kim Tan as a wealthy family.

True Beauty (2020)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Dec 9, 2020 – Feb 4, 2021
Cast: Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, Hwang In Youp

True Beauty tells the story of Lim Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young) who has low self-esteem because of her appearance. She continues to be vilified by her family and intimidated by her friends because they are considered not beautiful.

Tired of this treatment, Ju-kyung learns makeup from makeup tutorial videos on the Internet. She then managed to change her appearance and her school friends called her a goddess.

Extraordinary You (2019)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 32
Aired: Oct 2, 2019 – Nov 21, 2019
Cast: Kim Hye Yoon, Rowoon, Lee Jae Wook

Extraordinary You is a Best High School Korean drama that tells the story of Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye-yoon), a high school student at a prestigious academy. One day, by chance, he discovers the fact that the world he lives in is a fantasy world in comics. He and everyone else are just characters in a comic book called Secret and are under the power of their almighty and omniscient Author. And-oh is just an extra character.

Worse, Author gave him a weak set-up. He is then told to be engaged to a crush who hates him. In addition, Dan-oh is also described as having a heart disease and is expected to die soon.

Dissatisfied with the fate, Dan-oh decides to forge his own destiny by changing the plot of the story and finding his own true love. He then met student Number 13 (Rowoon) who was present without a name. This fate then led him to an unexpected storyline.

Love Alarm (2019)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Aug 22, 2019
Cast: Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, Song Kang

Korean drama series about High schools such as Love Alarm can be watched on Netflix. This drama series is based on the webtoon of the same name. Love Alarm is an application about love alarm that is popular in South Korea. The way this application works is to give a signal to the user, where at a radius of 10 meters the application will tell their feelings. One day Kim Jojo got into a complicated situation. He wants to express love in the application. But the application notifies that Kim Jo Jo’s account is blocked. This series tells the story of a love triangle between Kim Jojo, Lee Hye Young, and Hwang Sun Oh.

Reply 1988 (2015)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Aired: Nov 6, 2015 – Jan 16, 2016
Cast: Lee Hye Ri, Go Kyung Pyo, Ryu Joon Yeol

This drama tells a story about a family and a group of friends which sets in previous 1988 year.

There are a group of friends who have already become friends since childhood.Those friends are Duk Sun (Hyeri), Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo), Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol), Taek (Park Bo Gum), and also Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi).

They are all the students of a high school, meanwhile, Taek is one of the go players.

Because they have been growing up together and their families are really close, they usually spend most of their time in Taek’s room.

But their family condition is different from each other.

Duk Sun lives in a semi-basement house and has a poor family. This is because her father, Dong Il, (Sung Dong Il) had to make a guarantee for the debt of someone.

Even so, Duk Sun is really a cheerful and happy person. She loves singing, dancing, and always bickering her sister, Bo Ra (Ryu Hye Young)

This condition is different with the family of Jung Hwan, which is rich.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo has a good family. He becomes a good role model at his school, a good brother, and also a good son.Dong Ryong loves hanging out and dance with his friends and he didn’t want to give his shot again to go to a college because his academic score is low.

On the other side, Taek dropped out from school and becomes the go player under the name God.

Playful Kiss (2010)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Sep 1, 2010 – Oct 21, 2010
Cast: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung

Unpopular and a little foolish Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) is in love with Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) who is a popular sought-after genius. When she finally decides to give him, her love letter, he gives it back to her correcting all her mistakes. Humiliated and devastated, Ha-ni goes back home to her father with her friends when disaster strikes and the house suddenly collapses. Her father’s childhood friend comes to the rescue, Ha-ni and her father end up living with Baek Seung Jo and his family. Not letting rejection keep her down, Ha Ni continues to try and impress Seung Jo in many ways, only to receive a cold and uncaring attitude.

However, she has some competition and she is Seung Jo’s female counterpart, rich and beautiful Yoon He Ra (Lee Si Young) is also interested in Seung Jo. However, Boog Joon gu (Lee Tae Sung) who has always liked Ha Ni, begins pursuing her for her attention and hopefully her hand in marriage. When Seung Jo realizes that Ha Ni might stop her pursuit of him and fall for someone else, he decides he needs to start winning her back.

Dream High (2011)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jan 3, 2011 – Feb 28, 2011
Cast: Bae Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taec Yeon

Dream High is a Korean drama with the theme of school and the lives of its students. Tells the story of the struggles of six Kirin Art High School students who aspire to become stars in the Korean music industry.

Most of the players involved in this drama are K-Pop stars, such as IU , Bae Suzy (Miss A), Ok Taec Yeon (2 PM), Jang Woo Young (2 PM), and Ham Eun Jung (T-ara) . Other K-pop idols appeared as cameos .

Who Are You: School 2015 (2015)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Apr 27, 2015 – Jun 16, 2015
Cast: Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Yook Sung Jae

Who Are You: School 2015 follows the story of commonly faced by school students in Korea. This drama tells the story of two twins named Lee Eun Bi and Go Eun Byul ( Kim So Hyun ) whose lives are separated.
One day Eun Byul mysteriously disappears. Then Eun Bi experiences memory loss after being found by the sea. Seeing Eun Bi, people thought she was Eun Byul.

Since then she has lived life as Eun Byul and is involved in a love triangle with her two friends, Gong Tae Kwang (Yook Sung Jae) and Han Yi An ( Nam Joo Hyuk ).

Reply 1997 (2012)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jul 24, 2012 – Sep 18, 2012
Cast: Jung Eun Ji, Seo In Guk, Hoya

The first of the three part Reply series, Reply 1997 features cool retro vibes and old school K-pop for fans to enjoy. Yoon Yoon Jae has been in love with her childhood best friend, Sung Shi Won, for as long as he can remember her, and going to high school only intensifies her love for her.

To the Beautiful You (2012)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Aug 15, 2012 – Oct 4, 2012
Cast: Sulli, Choi Min Ho, Lee Hyun Woo

Goo Jae Hee (Sulli) had it rough when her mother remarried and moved them to America. Her only comfort came from Kang Tae Joon (Minho), a high jumper back in Korea. After his skills motivated her to take up track, her life became easier and enjoyable. However, Tae Joon suffered an ankle injury and stopped pursuing his dream. Feeling inspired by and indebted to him, Jae Hee radically decides to chop off her long hair and disguise herself as a boy to enroll at Tae Joon’s school in Korea.

Fate’s on her side because not only does she end up in Tae Joon’s school, but also in his room! He doesn’t want her help, immediately annoyed at how interested she is in him. Luckily, another student Cha Eun Gyeol (Lee Hyun Woo), takes a liking to Jae Hee, such a strong liking that Eun Gyeol starts to become confused by their friendship. He’s not the only one – it’s not too long before Tae Joon realizes how Jae Hee can help him and that she’s not exactly who she’s claiming to be.

Extracurricular (2020)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Aired: Apr 29, 2020
Cast: Kim Dong Hee, Park Ju Hyun, Jung Da Bin, Nam Yoon Su

Extracurricular is a popular drama on Netflix, with a crime and thriller genre . This drama series features fight and murder scenes. Extracurricular tells the dark side of high school boys who commit crimes for money. This drama tells of Oh Jisoo (Kim Dong Hee), an exemplary and quiet student in high school. In the eyes of teachers and other students, she is known as a smart student. However, outside of school Oh Jisoo has to work hard to earn money.

Initially he worked part time to pay for school fees. Until finally the high school student committed a crime to get money, including joining the prostitution business.

School 2017 (2017)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jul 17, 2017 – Sep 5, 2017
Cast: Kim Se Jeong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon

Going through various ups and downs, a group of students try to cope with their personal problems and deal with a corrupt system at school.

A coming-of-age story about the lives of 18-year-old high school students who are valued according to their ranking in school. Despite their frustrations, they find out how to make their own way in this world that seems to be a stagnant cycle of school and home.

Twenty Five Twenty One (2022)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022
Cast: Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk

Another recommendation for the best school Korean drama is Twenty Five Twenty One. This drama is the latest drama to air in 2022. Where, in the drama titled Twenty Five Twenty One presents the charming acting of Nam Joo-hyuk , Kim Tae-Ri , Bona , Choi Hyun-Wook and others.

Twenty Five Twenty One tells the story of a fencer named Na Hee-Do. Since childhood, he has been practicing fencing and dreams of becoming the best national athlete. There is one of his favorite athletes named Ko Yu-Rim. Na Hee-Do then transfers to Ko Yu-Rim’s school and joins the same training. Here also tells the story of Back Yi-Jin who is the son of an official.

However, the current economic crisis in the country makes Back Yi-Jin’s life change drastically. He struggles to support himself and unite separated families. In the Twenty Five Twenty One not only presents a romantic love story, but also the struggles of young people who are trying to reach their dreams with various limitations. Of course , Twenty Five Twenty One can also be an inspiration for you to keep your enthusiasm for school and achieve your dreams.

Sassy Go Go (2015)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Oct 5, 2015 – Nov 10, 201
Cast: Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Keun, Chae Soo Bin, Kim Ji Soo

Sassy, ​​Go Go tells the story of two different groups of students who finally unite into a Cheerleading team . They fought for the first place. Sassy Go Go stars Jung Eun Ji, Ji Soo, Chae Soon Bi, Lee Won Keun, N, and Kim Ji Suk.

18 Again (2020)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Sep 21, 2020 – Nov 10, 2020
Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Do Hyun

Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Ha Neul and Lee Do Hyun are all set for fantasy-romance 18 Again. The new drama traverses the story of a man who wrinkled time and returned to his high school years, just before getting a divorce. It is based on 2009 film, 17 Again.

In the cusp of getting a divorce, something unexpected happened between married couple Jung Da-jung (Kim Ha Neul) and Hong Dae-young (Yoon Sang Hyun). Returning to his 18-year glorious self, Dae-young takes a new identity as Go Woo-young (Lee Do Hyun).

Goong (2006)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 24
Aired: Jan 11, 2006 – Mar 30, 2006
Cast: Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jeong Hoon

Also known as Princess Hours , Goong is a drama set in a modern-day empire characterized by political intrigue, love, and tradition.

Goong stars Joo Ji Hoon (Lee Shin), Yoon Eun Hye (Shin Chae Kyung), Song Ji Ho (Min Hyo Rin), and Kim Jeong Hoon (Lee Yul). The success of this drama spread to Asia and contributed to the success of the Korean Wave .

The story of Goong focuses on the life story of Prince Lee Shin. It is told that Shin, who attends an art school, accidentally meets Shin Chae Kyung, who is also a student at the school.

Unbeknownst to them, it turns out that the two of them have been betrothed by their grandfather. Although initially not in love, Shin eventually falls in love with his wife Chae Kyung.

School 2013 (2012)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Dec 3, 2012 – Jan 28, 2013
Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Daniel

School is an anthology drama series produced by the television station KBS2. First aired in 1999. Drama School raises important issues in Korean education, such as bullying , tutoring, suicide, a corrupt education system, as well as punishment in schools.

School 2013 tells the story of Seungri High School which is among the worst schools in Korea. Two teachers, Kang Se Chan (Daniel Choi) and Jung In Jae (Jang Na Ra) appear, who fight desperately to advance their students so that they can advance to grades.

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jan 28, 2022
Cast: Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Jo Yi Hyun, Lomon

It tells the story of a tense battle between students turned into zombie hordes and struggling survivors. A team of students must uncover the mystery behind the virus causing all of this chaos. where students are trapped in a school where the virus is spreading With no phone, no food, and no one to care. They must use the objects and equipment around the school – lamps, bookshelves, even bows – to protect themselves from the hordes of zombies in this desperate survival battleground.

SKY Castle (2018)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Aired: Nov 23, 2018 – Feb 1, 2019
Cast: Yeom Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Na Ra

The drama Sky Castle (2018) has made many achievements and appreciations because of the stories it contains. This drama received a very high rating, even including the highest program owned by cable tv.

Sky Castle (2019) tells the story of the ambitions of elite parents to send their children to prestigious universities. Since sitting in high school, their children are required to always get good grades.

Parents do not care if the value is obtained from underhand means. Taking advantage of their greed, a woman who works as a tutor changes everything.

Our Beloved Summer (2021)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Dec 6, 2021 – Jan 25, 2022
Cast: Choi Woo Shik, Kim Da Mi, Kim Sung Cheol, Roh Jeong Eui

Kook Yeon Su as the smartest student in school is involved in a documentary film project with Choi Ung, the last ranked student. The two never matched because they were different in many ways.

Kook Yeon Su is focused on studies and has high goals, while Choi Ung just wants to live a quiet life, reading a book under a tree. Who would have thought, that basic difference could not prevent them from feeling romantic.

Yeon Su who is famous for being fierce and firm, only shows his good side to Choi Ung. When Yeon Su is considered bad by others, Ung defends her.

The King of Pigs (2022)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Mar 18, 2022 – Apr 22, 2022
Cast: Kim Dong Wook, Kim Sung Gyu, Chae Jung An

The next school-themed Korean drama provides a different theme. While dramas about school are generally about friendship and love, King of Pigs (2022) presents the theme of bullying and revenge.

Hwang Kyung Min, is traumatized by the bullying he received at school. The incident happened twenty years ago, but the wounds and grudges are still burning today. Kyung Min hides this and looks like a happy person with his wife.

Who would have thought that behind his pretense, there was a huge desire for revenge. People’s lives became his target.

Class of Lies (2019)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jul 17, 2019 – Sep 5, 2019
Cast: Yoon Kyun Sang, Geum Sae Rok, Lee Jun Young, Choi Yoo Hwa, Choi Kyu Jin, Han So Eun

Chunmyung Middle School entrusts Gi Moo Hyeok, one of the lawyers of Songha law firm, to defend one of their students, Kim Han Soo. Kim Han Soo was at the scene when one of the students named Jeong Soo Ah was found stabbed.

Moo Hyeok offers a deal so that Kim Han Soo confesses his actions with the guarantee of a lighter sentence. Han Soo refuses because he turns out to be Jeong Soo Ah’s lover.

The student cares more about the condition of his girlfriend than the legal matter itself. Moo Hyeok then looks for a way to solve this case.

Racket Boys (2021)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Oct 11, 2021 – Dec 27, 2021
Cast: Lee Yong Dae, Jang Sung Kyu, Yoon Hyun Min

Yoon Hyun Jong was once the most reckoned badminton player. However, he is currently struggling and must struggle to support his family.

Hyun Jong then brought them to the countryside because that was where Hyun Jong got a new job as a badminton coach at a school.

The school’s badminton team never did well. The members are only three students, namely Bang Yoon Dam, Na Woo Chan and Lee Yong Tae. The trio start to get new spirits after Hyun Hing’s son, Yoon Hae Kang, joins the team.

Hae Kang, who was famous as a child as a great badminton player, certainly gave motivation. Their real struggle begins.

Shadow Beauty (2021)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 13
Aired: Nov 20, 2021 – Dec 29, 2021
Cast: Shim Dal Gi, Choi Bo Min, Lee Na Gyung, Heo Jung Hee

Ae Jin is a high school student who is often bullied by her classmates because she is considered ugly. The only friend she has at school is Jin Sung. Ae Jin has a secret that no one knows. Secretly he is a famous influencer on social media.

Using the name Genie, Ae Jin has more than 770,000 followers. Ae Jin makes her selfies look beautiful and then she uploads them on her social media.

No one knew about it until one day Ae Jin received a text message. The sender of the message realizes that Ae Jin is a Genie.

Just Dance (2018)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Dec 3, 2018 – Dec 25, 2018
Cast: Park Se Wan, Jang Dong Yoon

In a coastal area bustling with the ship industry, there is an all-girls school called SMK Geoje. The students at the school don’t dream much, except for Kim Si Eun.

The girl is a smart student and wants to continue her studies in Seoul. Si Eun then applied for a scholarship. In addition to academic achievements, Si Eun must have achievements in non-academic fields.

He then persuaded his friends to join the dance club at school. The dance club was actually planning to be disbanded because it did not perform well. Si Eun’s struggle to bring her club and school to a prestigious event begins here.

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim (2021)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jul 30, 2021 – Oct 8, 2021
Cast: Kim Sae Ron, Nam Da Reum

Ga Doo Shim, a high school student inherits the abilities of her grandmother who works as a shaman. He is often bullied because his abilities are considered strange.

Ga Doo Shim’s safety is threatened by the existence of an evil spirit, if the girl is officially 18 years old. The only way to avoid this, of course, is to defeat him.

The evil spirit that is after Ga Doo Shim is apparently kept by the principal. The spirit is aiming for the life of the student who is at the lowest rank. As a result, students try hard to keep learning.

To lure evil spirits, Ga Doo Shim devises a plan by destroying his values. However, Na Woo Soo, the smartest student in school, had a similar plan beforehand.

Color Rush (2020)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Dec 30, 2020 – Jan 21, 2021
Cast: Yoo Jun, Hur Hyun Jun

The series is adapted from the web novel of the same name by Se Sang. Color Rush is a Korean drama about a school about a boy’s romance. Choi Yeon-woo, a high school student at school, has vision problems, so he can’t distinguish colors. The high school student could only see black, white, and gray. Choi Yeon-woo lives with his aunt Yoo Yi Rang by profession as a detective and handles several cases. Due to a lack of color vision, Yeon-woo is transferred to an all-boys school.

He finally meets handsome student Go Yoo Han who is taking K-Pop training. Go Yoo Han often wears a mask at school. Until finally he took off the mask and showed his true face to Yeon Woo. The incident took Yeon Woo by surprise. He had the miracle of seeing all colors after seeing Go Yoo Han’s face.

Love Revolution (2020)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 30
Aired: Sep 1, 2020 – Dec 27, 2020
Cast: Park Ji Hoon, Lee Ruby, Kim Young Hoon

Love Revolution is a Korean drama about school with a romantic comedy genre. This series tells the reality of high school children’s lives in general. This series tells of Gong Joo Young (Park Ji Hoon) who changes schools. Gong Joo Young feels like she got her first love after seeing Wang Ja Rim (Lee Ruby). However, Wang Ja Rim tends to be cold, indifferent, and difficult to approach.

Orange Marmalade (2015)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: May 15, 2015 – Jul 24, 2015
Cast: Kim Seol Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Jong Hyun

The next best school drama recommendation is Orange Marmalade . The drama, entitled Orange Marmalade , is based on the fantasy and romance genres. Played by Yeo Jin-gu and Kim Seolhyun, Orange Marmalade is an adaptation of a popular webtoon.

Where the synopsis Orange Marmalade tells the story of a vampire who lives side by side with humans. There are vampire families who don’t drink human blood. But they decided to hide their identities because they kept the vampire family safe from humans. Meanwhile, the main focus is on a character named Baek Ma-Ri who falls in love with a human who is Jae-Min’s schoolmate.

At first, Jae-Min didn’t know about Baek Ma-Ri’s background, who often showed strange behavior. However, the two became involved in a romance after joining a band called Orange Marmalade. Can Baek Ma-Ri keep her true identity a secret until the end?

A-Teen 2 (2019)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Aired: Apr 21, 2019 – Jun 27, 2019
Cast:Lee Na Eun, Kim Dong Hee, Choi Bo Min, Kang Min Ah

“It’s easy to talk about his past adolescence, but we are experiencing adolescence for the first time. They say it’s a carefree age, but we take every moment very seriously. “. Season 2 of “A-TEEN” will focus on the changes in teenage life as they approach their 18th birthday. It will realistically highlight their conflicts and worries about what seems to be the biggest hurdle in their lives: the college entrance exam.

Best Mistake (2019)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 15
Aired: Jul 25, 2019 – Sep 12, 2019
Cast: Kang Yul, Lee Eun Jae

The story focuses on Yeon Doo, a studious and normal girl. An old colleague keeps pestering her through messages from her, so she makes up that she has a boyfriend and uploads a random picture of a guy. That photo turns out to be of Hyun Ho, one of the most popular in school and most rebellious.

Hi! School – Love On (2014)

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Aired: Jul 11, 2014 – Dec 19, 2014
Cast: Kim Sae Ron, Nam Woo Hyun, Lee Sung Yeol

For some heavenly fun mixed with teen antics, tune in to Hello! School – Love on. Lee Seul Bi is a guardian angel who finds out that she has become human after a car accident. She learns the ropes of being human firsthand in high school, with Woo Hyun by her side.

Those are some of the best and most popular High School Korean drama recommendations. Which one are you interested in watching, Korean Drama Lovers?

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